The characteristic of real wood floor

Real wood floor is the processing after cutting directly with natural wood and become, retained the decorative pattern with beautiful natural solid wood and texture completely, because did not use adhesive agent to compare environmental protection generally so. Real wood floor needs laying keel when installing commonly, add the tactility of real wood itself is better also, so the cral feeling of real wood floor is very comfortable.

Real wood floor is more delicate on the use, if it is bad wood, too dry or too damp environment may make its deformation cracking. Its wear-resisting degree is lower also, cannot drag furniture on its, had better also do not wear the shoe outdoors to go up in real wood floor to amble-about, make its wear probably so. To maintain the lacquer surface of real wood floor surface is brilliant, had better 3 months or so hit wax.

The advantage of real wood floor

Sound insulation and heat insulation

Solid wood floor material is hard, careful wood fiber structure, low thermal conductivity, blocking sound and heat effect, better than cement, ceramic tile and steel. Because this wood floor has sound-absorbing, sound insulation, reduce sound pressure, shorten the function of residual sound time, reduce the pollution effect of noise public harm.

Adjust the humidity

The lumber characteristic of real wood floor is, climate is dry, moisture of lumber interior releases; In a humid climate, wood absorbs moisture from the air. Wood floor passes absorb and release moisture, because this wood floor can adjust indoor temperature, humidity automatically, reduce the occurrence of rheumatism disease, and because its heat conduction coefficient is small, have the effect with warm winter and cool summer (heat preservation effect is very good). No matter all the year round any time, if the person sits above wooden floor, can feel very comfortable, won’t have cold, chilly feeling, especially the family that has a child in the home. Scientific studies have shown that long-term living in wooden houses can extend life by an average of 10 years.

Warm in winter and cool in summer

In winter, the surface temperature of the solid wood floor is 8℃~10℃ higher than that of the ceramic tile, and people walk on the wood floor without cold feeling; Summer, the bedroom temperature of real wood floor should be lower than the room temperature of ceramic tile laying 2℃~3℃.

Green harmless

Real wood floor is taken from primitive forest with material, use the wear-resistant paint coating that does not have volatile sex, plant from material to paint face all green and harmless, do not resemble ceramic tile to have radiation, also do not resemble aggrandizement floor to have formaldehyde, it is natural green and harmless ground building materials.

Post time: Dec-29-2020