Luxury vinyl floor loose lay slip-resistant

Short Description:

Item: loose lay series

Size: 9″x48″

Thickness: 5.0mm

Wear layer: 0.50mm

UV Coating: Matt

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Quick Details

Warranty  More than 6 years
After-sale Service  Online technical support
Place of Origin  China
Brand Name  No
Advantage  Waterproof
Surface Treatment  UV coating
Product Type  Loose lay Vinyl Plank
Surface  deep embossing/hand scrapped
Installation  Loose lay
Wear Layer  0.3/0.5 mm
Size  9”x48”
Certificates  CE/SGS
Packing  Carton+pallet

Where can Loose Lay be used?

Kitchen, bathroom, lounge, gym, hall, bedroom, study and basement

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Quick and easy to install

Loose Lay easily installs over flat, smooth, dry and dust free subfloors. Loose lay vinyl flooring has developed to reduce installation time and allow access to underfloor utilities. Under the right conditions these tiles can be placed on the subfloor without any adhesive. This helps to make them an easy installation option for anyone and everyone.

More About Loose Lay

Loose Lay Vinyl Planks are thick vinyl rectangles with rubber backing that lay flat on a smooth surface.

What makes Loose Lay Vinyl Planks so different from other products is that it doesn’t require fasteners, adhesive, or tongue and groove mechanisms to hold planks in place. The thick vinyl rectangle planks lay in position on a floor and remain there once installed.

This type of Vinyl flooring can be placed over existing flooring very simply and quickly.

The Installation Process for Loose Lay Vinyl Plank

The backs of Loose Lay Vinyl Planks use friction to get a grip of the subfloor beneath it. The subfloor needs to be prepared and should be dry, smooth, level, clean, and dust-free. Installers only need to set the Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring into position and make sure that there is a tight fit between each of the planks and the wall.  

Cutting the planks to ensure the last pieces fit will need to be done. However, no special training is needed to do so.

The Benefits of Loose Lay Vinyl Planks

Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring is becoming a popular choice due to the appealing number of benefits it offers.

Simple Installation

As mentioned, this type of flooring is very easy to install. There is no need for glue, staples, or a click-lock system. Installers simply set the planks into position. Due to the ease of the installation, it does not take as much time to complete the job and it is common to pay less as a result.

Easy to Move

Another highlight of this flooring solution is that it is portable. It can be removed and re-installed in another location easily. Most other flooring solutions do not offer this benefit.

Having this option means that you can move these planks to different rooms or take this flooring with you if you move houses, creating several interior design possibilities and potentially saving you money over the long run.

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